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Assoc Prof Zhou Wei
Associate Professor, School of Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering
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Dr Zhou Wei is an Associate Professor in School of Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering, NTU. His research interest lies mainly in FIB nanofabrication and materials processing. He majored in welding and got BEng in 1985 from Tsinghua University, Beijing. He was later awarded a government scholarship to study for PhD in Department of Materials Science & Metallurgy, University of Cambridge. He specialized in micromechanisms of fracture and obtained PhD in 1991. After working for one year in Fraunhofer Institute for Mechanics of Materials in Freiburg, Germany, he came to work in NTU in 1992 as a Lecturer. In 2002 he took sabbatical leave in Harvard University as a Visiting Scholar in Applied Physics carrying out researches on FIB-induced self-organization of nanostructures. In addition to academic pursuits, Dr Zhou Wei has worked closely with industry to provide consultancy service and helped many companies solve problems of corrosion and structural failures, and he acts as Chairman of Welding Technology Committee of Singapore Welding Society.
(1) Nanofabrication and nanometrology;
(2) Processing and applications of light and ultralight alloys;
(3) Joining and welding of structural materials;
(4) Laser surface engineering and study of surface properties (corrosion, tribology, wettability etc)
  • Laser Treatment Tailoring of Microstructure on Dissimilar Metal Joints for Improved Performance of Electric Vehicles
  • Manufacturing of multi-material net-shape parts with heterogeneous properties
  • Micromechanisms of Strengthening and Toughening of Steels
  • P1.2: Condition Monitoring and Fault Prognosis of Robot Joints based on Fiber Optic Sensing and Deep Learning
2015 - Fellow of Singapore Welding Society
2014 - By-Fellow of Churchill College, University of Cambridge, UK
2012 - NTU Teaching Award
2012 - SPRING Singapore Merit Award
1997-1998 - Tan Chin Tuan Fellowship
1995 - Visiting Fellowship
1987-1991 - The British Council Fellowship