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Assoc Prof Tan Soon Yim
Associate Professor, School of Electrical & Electronic Engineering
Journal Articles
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C. K. Seow and S. Y. Tan. (2008). Localisation of mobile device in multipath environment using bi-directional estimation. Electronics Letters, 44(7), 485-487.

C K Seow and S Y Tan. (2008). Non-Line of Sight Unidirectional Mobile Localization in Multipath Environment. Electronics Letters, 44(2), 141-143.

M D Huang and S Y Tan. (2008). Achieving sub-wavelength resonant structures and transparency by a conducting spheroid with metamaterials coatings. Waves in Random and Complex Media, 18(1), 161-171.

L Jiang and S Y Tan. (2007). Geometrical-based statistical channel model for outdoor and indoor propagation environments. IEEE Transactions on Vehicular Technology , 56(6), 3587-3593.

M. D. Huang and S. Y. Tan. (2006). An Improved Spherical Antenna Array for Wideband Phase Mode Processing. Progress In Electromagnetics Research, 66(1), 27-40.