Academic Profile

Currently ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR at Nanyang Technological University (Singapore). He has more than 300 publications in international journals and conferences. He is on the editoral board for several Recipient of the 2004 ASTM Best Practical Paper for Geotechnical Practice Award. He has been involved in the organization of a number of regional and international conferences. He chairs the Technical Committee for Civil Works and Geotechnics and is the Deputy Chair for the SAC Council Committee for Inspection Bodies. He is also a member of the Building and Construction Standards Committee and Technical Assessor for SAC-SINGLAS. For his contributions to SAC-SINGLAS, he was awarded the SAC Assessor Awards (Bronze, Silver, Gold and Distinguished). He was also awarded the SPRING Singapore Merit Award 2010 - for invaluable contributions to Quality and Standards
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Assoc Prof Leong Eng Choon
Associate Professor, School of Civil and Environmental Engineering

Unsaturated soils, soil dynamics, field and laboratory tests, foundation engineering and numerical modelling.

Current research projects include:
1. Dynamic properties of Singapore soils
2. Instrumentation for the Study of Rainfall - Induced Slope Failures in Singapore
3. Soil Improvement for Tree Stability and Tree Root Systems
4. Slope Repair Technology in Singapore
5. Development of specialised container technology for growing trees in Singapore
  • Advanced Moisture Sensing Technology for Urban Greenery and Monitoring of Slope Stability

  • Tree Risk Management: Parameterization Of Mechanistic Wind Risk Models In Singapore

  • WP3-Climate Change Impact On Urban Tree Resilience
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