Academic Profile

Prof Sandy Chian is currently in the School of Mechanical & Aerospace since 1997. He received his Bachelor and PhD degrees in Polymer Science & Technology from the University of Manchester Institute of Science & Technology, UK. His research interests include Polymer Synthesis and Characterisation, Polymeric Biomaterials and Tissue Engineering. He has done significant research work his research areas and published over 150 top quality international conference and journal papers. He has been often invited to Chair or referee and reviewer for a number of premier conferences and journals, including Tissue Engineering Journal, Biomaterials, Journal of Polymer Science Part Polymer Chemistry), Journalof Applied Polymer Science, Advances in Experimental Medicine and Biology, and . Dr. Sandy Chian is a member of the Royal Society of Chemistry and the Institute of Materials.
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Assoc Prof Chian Kerm Sin
Associate Professor, School of Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering

Prof Sandy Chian's areas of expertise are polymer chemistry, medical implants, and tissue engineering. His current research works focus on synthesis of degradable polymers, tissue engineering and scaffold fabrication technology.
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