Academic Profile

Asst Prof Benedict Lin has been at NTU since August 2006. Prior to this, he taught at a university in Japan. He also previously taught postgraduate courses in Applied Linguistics and TESOL, as well as in-service courses for English teachers, at the SEAMEO Regional Language Centre in Singapore, and was a secondary school teacher for 19 years. Currently, he serves on the editorial boards of the Asian EFL Journal and the RELC Journal, a leading journal for language educators in Southeast Asia. He also regularly reviews manuscripts for a few international refereed journals in applied linguistics and language teaching.
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Dr Benedict Lin
Senior Lecturer, School of Humanities

Dr Lin research is in applied linguistics and stylistics, the application of the methods of linguistics to the analysis of literary texts. He works from the theoretical perspective of Systemic Functional Grammar, applying it to text/discourse analysis, as well as stylistics. Specifically, one area of his current research interests is the language & discourse of science, engineering & engineering education, with a focus areas on metadiscourse in journal articles and students' developmental writing. Another area is stylistics and its implications for literature education and pedagogy, especially in post-colonial contexts. His research also covers English & English Language Teaching in Southeast Asia, and he also has an interest in New Englishes and their implications for language teaching.
  • English As A Medium Of Instruction In Cambodian Higher Education

  • The English language, developmental issues, and the revitalization of higher education in Myanmar

  • The Status And Functions Of English As An Academic Language In Indonesian Higher Education
  • De Souza, DE; Lieu, RZ; Mani, L; Toh, GKP; & Lin B.(2020). The Emergence of Modern Science Communication in Singapore (current working title). In Toss Gascoigne(Ed), The Emergence of Modern Science Communication((not available)). Canberra: Australian National University Press.

  • Lin, B. & Bolton, K. (2019). English centrality and peripherality in a developmental context: a case study of English-medium instruction in Cambodian higher education. 24th Conference of the International Association for World Englishes.

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  • Lin, B. and Lin, E. (2018, June). English Language Needs in the Cambodian Hospitality Industry: A Case Study of Hotel Receptionists and Room Service Waiters’. Paper presented at the 23rd International Association for World Englishes conference, Manila.