Academic Profile

Prof Xiao Zhongmin is currently in the School of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering since 1991. He received his Bachelor degree in Engineering Mechanics from University of Science and Technology of China, Master and Ph.D. degrees from Retgers University, USA. His research interests include Nano and micro mechanics of composite materials, elastic-plastic fracture mechanics of aerospace materials and other advanced engineering materials, and failure analysis for offshore structuresand. He has done significant research work his research areas and published over 80 top quality international conference and journal papers.
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Assoc Prof Xiao Zhongmin
Associate Professor, School of Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering

Nano and Micro Mechanics of interacting defects in Composite Materials;
Elastic-plastic Fracture Mechanics for Engineering Structures and Materials;
Failure Analysis and Prevention of Aerospace Structures, Offshore Structures and Related Materials.
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  • M.Z. Ariffin, Y.M. Zhang, Z.M. Xiao. (2017). Elastic-plastic fracture response of multiple 3-D interacting cracks in offshore pipelines subjected to large plastic strains. Engineering Failure Analysis, 76, 19.