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Assoc Prof Ina Conradi Chavez
Associate Professor, School of Art, Design and Media

Ina Conradi-Chavez (USA, Singapore) http//
Ina's Areas of Research are: AI in Art, Interactive Installation, Art in Motion, Computer Generated Animation, Stereoscopic 3D, 360 Immersive Media Displays, Media Architecture

Ina is an award-winning new media artist. Her works uniquely combine digital painting and experimental S3D animation for co-immersive spaces, installations, and media architecture.

Her animated film Chrysalis was bestowed prestigious 2018 Lumiere Award by Advanced Imaging Society (AIS) Hollywood and 2017 Lumiere Award on behalf of Stereopsia Belgium, AIS and VR Society’s EMEA chapter (Europe). Her animated film Elysian Fields received over 14 international awards and landed her at the 86th Academy Awards Animated Short Film Qualifying Screening. She premiered her works at the Ars Electronica Festival, most recently with 2021 Nocturne a large-scale, immersive installation that combines interactive and audio-reactive visuals with emotive-abstraction animation, a dance performance. Their art-sci inspired immersive installation Quantum Logos (vision serpent) premiered for the 40th Anniversary of Ars Electronica Festival at the Deep Space 8k. The work, done in collaboration with science producers from Germany and Austria, was featured on the Austrian Academy of Sciences website of the Institute for Quantum Optics and Quantum Information, as well as the CERN Social Media Network OriginPhysics. The film has received VFX award from the 2020 Raw Science Film Festival Los Angeles. The project connecting digital medicine, arts and STEAM and done in collaboration with Fraunhofer MEVIS: Institute for Digital Medicine (DE) received the 2019 Raw Science Film Festival Award.

Ina exhibited and presented at the Beyond Festival ZKM, Zentrum für Kunst und Medien, Germany (2013-till present) Ars Electronica (2010 till present), UCLA Art|Sci Center+Lab 2018, Media Architecture Biennial Beijing 2018 & 2021, Singapore Inside Out Tokyo 2017, Web 3D Art Gallery Brisbane 2017, PISAF Korea and Visualization Matters 2017, Siggraph Asia 2014, and ISEA among many others. She exhibited and presented her works at the international events among others: Beijing Film Academy, Ars Electronica Festival (2011-2019), Media Architecture Biennial 2018 Beijing, Art|Sci Gallery UCLA, Web 3D Art Gallery Brisbane, Visualization Matters UNSW Sydney, Asia Animation Forum PISAF Korea, Beyond Festival ZKM, New Media Festival, 67th Edinburgh IFF, Women 3D directors, Paramount Studios Hollywood, FMX Conference on Animation, Effects, Games and Transmedia Stuttgart, Siggraph Asia, ISEA.

Ina holds Master’s of Fine Art from UCLA. She has been teaching at the California State University Long Beach, at the LASALLE College of the Arts and since 2007 at the Nanyang Technological University. Ina is a member of Union of Slovene Fine Art Arts Association, (ZDSLU), and has been Japan Foundation Fellow since 1991. Currently Associate Professor at the School of Art, Design and Media she has been presented with the Koh Boon Hwee Scholars Award 2015 and the Nanyang Education Award 2014 (School) for recognition to the influence of inspirational teaching.

From 2016 to the present, Ina's curates content for public art project Media Art Nexus (MAN) at Nanyang Technological University Singapore,(15 m by 2m LED urban media art display) has been supported by Singapore's NTU Museum's Campus Art Trail Initiative. She has been connecting students, emerging and established artists and academics globally with the international cultural institutions such as UCLA Art | Sci Center + Lab, Elbphilharmonie Concert Hall Hamburg Europe, University of Applied Sciences Europe Campus Hamburg, the School of Engineering and Digital Arts (EDA)-University of Kent Canterbury UK, the Ceruleum School of Visual Arts, Lausanne Switzerland, Conservatoire à Rayonnement Régional Musique Danse Théâtre at Reims, France, Melbourne based Urban Screen Productions (UTV), The Urban Media Academy Berlin, UNSW EPICentre (Expanded Perception & Interaction Centre), and Ars Electronica Deep Space. Media Art Nexus has been on the Council of Museums (ICOM) 's International Museum since 2020. For more, please visit

Area of research: AI in Art, Art & Science, Art in Motion: 3D/generative computer animation, experimental fictional animation, Stereoscopic 3D, 360 Immersive Media, Art & Design for Media Architecture and Urban Media Displays.

The research delves into an exploration of trandisciplinary visual art media, researching and integrating emotive and subjective abstract image making in digital, traditional and non-traditional forms. Drawing on the ideas of the merging of digital painting, avant-garde film-making and sound cultures, current work aims to craft immersive, interactive and 3D animated installation using digital image, seeking innovative convergence of art and technology to transform spaces into novel experiences.

2.11. 2020- 1.11. 2023 MOE AcRf Tier 1 RG43/20 2020‐T1‐001‐050
Quantum Logos: Developing Alternative Artistic Styles to Communicate Science S$87,588.47, PI Ina Conradi (Asst Prof),

11.2011-10.2017 MOE AcRF Tier 1 “Immersive Animated Canvas: Merging New Media Art and Technology for Immersive Cinema and Visualization Experiences", PI Ina Conradi (Asst Prof), Co-Pi Ben Alvin Shedd, (Professor) NTU ADM

1.3.2011-28.02.2014 MOE AcRF Tier 1 RG 55/10 (M52090031) "3D Stereo Animated Pictorial Space: Towards New Aesthetics in Contemporary Painting" PI Ina Conradi (Asst Prof), Co-Pi Dr Xiao Wei Sun, EEE (Assoc Prof) NTU

15.8.2011--31.12.2013 IMI Seed Grant, (M4080760.B40) "Unframed", PI Ina Conradi (Asst Prof), Co-Pi Mark Chavez (Asst Prof) NTU ADM

01.01.2008-28.2.2010 MOE (AcRF) Tier 1 RG105/10 (M52090000) “Digital Imaging in Singapore", PI Ina Conradi (Asst Prof) NTU ADM 02/2009-02/2011 MOE (AcRF) Tier 1 “Exploring kinetoaudiovisual parameter mapping strategies for virtual instrument performance and interactive installation,” PI Per Magnus Lindborg, Co-PI Ina Conradi Chavez (Asst Prof), NTU ADM (5% Involvement)

01.10.2010-30.11.2011 IMI Seed Grant, (M4080629.B40) "Stereo Pictorial Spaces", PI Ina Conradi (Asst Prof) Co-Pi Dr Xiao Wei Sun, EEE (Assoc Prof), NTU ADM

01.12.2010-31. 05.2012 IMI Seed Grant: “EEG-based Immersion and 3D Interaction: E-learning, Art, and Medical Application”, PI Olga Sourina Co-PI Ina Conradi (10%)

Symposium Conference grants
2016 - 2017 NTU Centre for Liberal Arts and Social Sciences, College of Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences Symposium and Conference Scheme Funding, for Internationals Symposium and Exhibition: Web 3D Art Gallery: on|off 100101010. Colliding and Surrendering: chaos and freedom where art and technology meet, S$19,000.00, PI Conradi

10.02.2015 CLASS CoHASS Symposium and Conference Scheme Funding International Workshop Symposium The Art Of 3D Stereo Media, 22-24 April 2015 S$12.000.00, PI Conradi

  • AI in Art Studio Creating image-based artworks using machine learning and science data
Teaching Awards
2015 - Koh Boon Hwee Scholars Award
2014 - Nanyang Education Award (School)

Creative Output Awards
2021 - Experimental Animation Winner 20th Urban Mediamakers Festival
2021 - London International Web & Shorts Film Festival
2021 - Winner for the Best Experimental film and Award of Excellence
Competing Finalist for Best Animated Film Beyond the Curve International Film Festival, Paris, France
2020 - Award Winner Best Animation In Los Angeles Motion Picture Festival
2020 - Best Experimental Film, Synergy Film Festival, New York
2020 - Industry Award Winner Best Visual Effects at the 6th Annual Raw Science Film Festival, Los Angeles
2020 - Semi-finalist for the Best Original Score in Animation, Quantum Logos (vision serpent). In New York Animation Film Festival (NAFA)
2019 - Shortlisted finalist "Present Future" Art & Technology Star Award as "Outstanding Entries" for the 2019 Category Digital Art: Urban Media art, Media Architecture
2019 - Industry Award, Best Infographic, Raw Science Film Festival 2019, for Digital Medicine, Arts, + STEAM: Before Us Lies EterNERDy Los Angeles
2018 - Best Artists Award, BEYOND Festival, Future Design Z.K.M. Karlshruhe
2018 - Best Experimental Film, California Women's Film Festival
2018 - Jury Award for Creative Achievement, 27th Arizona International Film Festival, Tuscon, Arizona
2018 - The 2018 Lumiere Award Best 3D Short Animation, awarded by Advanced Imaging Society (A.I.S.) and the V.R. Society Hollywood
2017 - Audience Festival Award Best Animation, FEEDBACK Film Festival, Toronto
2017 - The 2017 Lumiere Award, Europe, Middle East, Africa (EMEA) Best 3D Short Film, BOZAR Center for Fine Arts Brussels Belgium
2017 -Best 3D Short Film, 8th Annual New Media Festival, California
2017 - Best of Show in the Animation Category, 3D Theater Session, 28th annual Stereoscopic Displays and Applications (SD&A) Conference, Burlingame, San Francisco, California
2017 - Nominated by Sovereign Asian Art Prize board of art experts, to enter into the 2017 Sovereign Asian Art Prize
2014 - The 2014 Perron Crystal Awards, The International 3D Stereo MEDIA and the International 3D & Advanced Imaging Society from Hollywood
2014 - Audience Choice Awards Animation, 14th Annual Beverly Hills Film Festival, California
2013 - Best Short 3D Festival Beyond, ZKM The Centre for Art &Media, Germany
2013 - Best Animated 3D Short Film, 6th Annual 3D Film Festival (3DFF ) Los Angeles, California
2013 - Best Animated Short, Phenom Film Festival, Shreveport/Bossier City
2013 - Best Animated Film, The Oregon Independent Film Festival, Portland,
2013 - Best Experimental, The Oregon Independent Film Festival, Portland
2013 - Best International Short, 2013 6th Annual Columbia Gorge International Film Festival, Vancouver, Washington
2013 - 3D Short Runner Up, The 9th Annual HollyShorts Film Festival, Academy Awards® Qualifying Festival Link
2013 - Best Animation, Intendence Film Festival, Denver, Colorado
2013 - 3D Innovation Award, The 4th Annual New Media Film Festival, Los Angeles
2013 - Award of Excellence Animation, Los Angeles Movie Awards, Los Angeles
2013 - Winner 1st Place Animation 2013, 5th Los Angeles Art-House Film Festival
2013 - Award of Merit: Animation, Best Shorts Competition
2013 - Rising Star Award Winner, Canada International Film Festival, Vancouver, British M.F.A. Columbia, Canada
2008 - Award Prize of Effort, "10th DigiCon6" Computer Graphic Animation Competition, Media Development Authority Singapore & TBS
1985 - City of Belgrade October Award (student), Beograd, Serbia

Academic Honours and Awards
1989 - Research Grant UCLA, Los Angeles
1988 - Anderson Graduate and Post-Doctoral Award, UCLA, Los Angeles
1988 - Art Council, Jack B. Carter Merit Award, UCLA, Los Angeles
1988 - Tuition Fellowship UCLA, Los Angeles
1987 - Eugene Wurcel Scholarship UCLA, Los Angeles
1987- University Research Grant UCLA, Los Angeles
Fellowships & Other Recognition
1991 - till present Japan Foundation Fellowship Program Grant Awarded, Kyoto, Japan
Courses Taught
Explorations in A.I. Generated Art
Art in the Age of Creative Machine
Graphic form
Visual Communiacton1
Media Art Nexus
Pattern, Art, Design and Architecture
Foundation 2D I
Foundation 2D II
2D Design and Colour Workshop II
2D Design and Colour Workshop I
Supervision of PhD Students
Co-Supervising 1 PhD and 1MA