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Assoc Prof Yeo Puay Hwa Jesvin
Deputy Associate Provost (Strategy)
Associate Professor, School of Art, Design and Media
Deputy Director, University Scholars Programme
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Prof Jesvin’s research interests are in cultural value, human experience and behaviour, and their applications in cultural heritage, education and wellbeing. She explores new ways to spark and distil insight and addresses people’s needs through bold, optimistic design. In the field of cultural heritage, she interacts with traditional artisans and local communities, researching century-old buildings to explore design innovations. In the subject of well-being, she uses design research methods to explore applied design in different fields, and integrates functional, emotional and social aspects according to actual needs.

Prof Jesvin is author of nine cultural heritage books, including “Forgotten Heritage: Uncovering Singapore’s Traditional Chinese Puppets”, “A collection of Singapore’s fading traditional crafts and trades”, “Vanishing crafts” and “Architectural Decorations: negotiating symbols across time and place”. Her research work has been published internationally, including journal articles, book chapters and conference papers, in the subjects of Singapore heritage and culture, material culture, wellbeing, design studies and education, typography and book design.

Her cultural-related creative works have been exhibited internationally, including the Basel School of Design, Berlin Communication Museum, Center Pompidou Shanghai (West Bund Museum), Taiwan Design Museum and Hong Kong Heritage Museum. Among other 70 international design awards she received are the prestigious Red Dot Award (Communication Design), GOOD DESIGN™ Award and iF Communication Design Award.

Prof Jesvin Yeo graduated from Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design in London (MA), and NTU (PhD). Prior to joining Nanyang Technological University, she worked for large MNC advertising agencies such as the Publicis Group, Young & Rubicam and Ogilvy & Mather in Singapore and London. She currently serves as director on the Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts Board of Directors; Vice President at Singapore Society of Asian Studies; Chairman of the Advisory Committee for the Centre for Lifelong Education (CLE) at Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts; Scientific Board Member at Human Factors in Communication of Design Scientific Board, USA.
Interdisciplinary Design Research – exploring design in different fields/industries (such as media, retailer, banking and financial services, healthcare and pharmaceutical) to integrate functional, emotional and social aspects that are based on actual needs.

Intangible and Tangible Heritage Studies – innovation through culture and tradition.

Design and Visual Research Methods – theoretical and practical influences on creative concept development in the design-visual communication processes.

Visual Research – Material Culture; Asian Cultural Identity; Experimental Typography; Inclusive and Innovative Packaging Design; Knowledge Visualization.

Digital Humanities – Cultural Analytics; Visualization and Data Design.
  • Designing Heritage: A collaboration platform to explore and analyse Singapore’s pottery trade and traditional kiln building methods’
  • Designing Inclusiveness: a user-centric mobile application designed for visually impaired people
  • Exploring classroom practices that affect student wellbeing
  • Leveraging Digital Humanities to Address Social Challenges
  • Multi Net: methodologies, complexities and multiculturalism
2021 - President*s Design Award 2020 Designer of the Year | Finalist

2020 - Paris Design Awards 2020 | Graphic Design/Communication design

2019 - Indigo Design Award 2019 | Book Design Award

2018 - The Museum’s prestigious GOOD DESIGN™ Award 2018 | Graphic Award

2017 - A’ Design Awards 2016-2017 | Writing, Literature and Content Design

2016 - German Design Award 2016 | Winner | Books

2015 - iF Design Award 2015 | Award Winner | Publishing

2014 - Red Dot Award 2014: Communication Design | Red Dot Winner | Publication

2013 - Coupe International Design and Image Competition 2013

2012 - How International Design Awards 2012 | Book Design Award

2011 - Design for Asia Award 2011 | Silver Award | Communication Design
Courses Taught
SP0007 - Fieldwork and Documentation: Topics in Sustainability

DD3012 - Research Methods in Art and Design

DV3011 - Typography III

DV3008 - Visual Communication IV
Supervision of PhD Students
Yin Chunzhi (2020) - Heritage illuminates the future: the Nantong indigo textile as a show history of intangible cultural heritage and sustainability in china.

Li Qing (2021) – The revival of a traditional craft: study on culture and innovated inheritance of the gambiered canton gauze.