Academic Profile

Assoc Prof Oh is currently in the School of Materials Science & Engineering since 1991. He received his Bachelor degree in Materials Engineering from Queen Mary College, London, MEng from National University of Singapore, MMet from University of Sheffield and Ph.D. degrees from the NTU. His research interests include Magnetic Materials, Electrolytic Capacitors, Thermal Conductivity of Materials and Electron Microscopy. He has published over 30 top quality international conference and journal papers. Dr. Oh is a member of Institution of Materials, Minerals and Mining, UK and a CEng.
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Assoc Prof Oh Joo Tien
Associate Professor, School of Materials Science & Engineering

Prof Oh'ss areas of expertise are Magnetic Materials, Ceramic Substrate Materials for Microelectronic Packaging, Electrolytic Capacitors and Electron Microscopy. His current research works focus on Nanostructured Magnetic Materials
  • Distribution Switchgear Degradation Study

  • Project 2: Distribution Switchgear Degradation Study
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