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Assoc Prof Lee Chun Wah
Associate Professor, Wee Kim Wee School of Communication and Information
Associate Professor Lee Chun Wah received his doctorate in Mass Communications from the Scripps College of Communications at Ohio University. He holds an MA in International Communications from the University of Colorado-Boulder and a BSc (triple major) in Communications, Marketing Management and Political Science from the University of Portland, Oregon.

Dr Lee's teaching portfolio includes integrated marketing communications, speech communications, and advertising campaign development. His research areas are public communication issues and strategic advertising business management.

He was a member of the pioneer team that launched the original Mass Communication Programme at the National University of Singapore in the early 1990s. Upon completion of his secondment, he returned to NTU and established the professional internship scheme for undergraduates as well as the curriculum's final year project system. He was the School's first head of the division of public and promotional communication for more than seven years. He was also the third programme director of the Master of Mass Communication degree for four years until 2004. From 2008 to 2012, he was the School's assistant chair, in charge of student affairs and alumni relations.

He is a member of the Education Council of the Association of Accredited Advertising Agents of Singapore as well as a member of the accreditation board of the Institute of Public Relations of Singapore. Since 1992, he has been serving as an independent corporate board member of several business organizations in the cosmetics, retail, apparel and food industries. He regularly participates in board meetings and strategic policy deliberations as a non-executive director.

Dr Lee's professional work is in advertising business management and publicity development. His latest industry engagements are in healthcare communications and food advertising account-servicing in the digital economy.
Research Areas: Advertising Business Management, Brand Communications, Public Communications.

Latest Industry Focus:
(1) Managing the Business Operations and Account-servicing of Advertising Agencies in Singapore.
(2) Positioning Healthcare Communications and Food Advertising in the Digital Economy.
Courses Taught
CS5060 - Introduction to Advertising
CS8060 - Introduction to Advertising