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Assoc Prof Yougesh Khatri
Associate Professor (Practice), College of Business (Nanyang Business School) - Division of Banking & Finance
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J. Cherian and Y. Khatri (2021), Inflation and Interest Rates - A Turning Point?, Asian Asset Management 25th Anniversary Special, Dec 2021

E. Ginting, Y. Khatri, A. Premchandra.(2018). Economic Performance and Macroeconomic Managment. In Premchandra, Ginting, Hill and Kumar(Ed), The Sri Lankan Economy: Charting A New Course(Chapter 2). Asian Development Bank.

Y. Khatri.(2009). Priorities for Structural Reform. Japan's Economic Revival Policy Challenges in a Globalized World(203-219). Palgrave Macmillan.

Yoko Oguro, Kyoji Fukao, Mr Yougesh Khatri. (2008). Trade sensitivity to exchange rates in the context of intra-industry tradeInternational Monetary Fund Working Paper.

Il Houng Lee, Yougesh Khatri. (2003). Information technology and productivity growth in AsiaInternational Monetary Fund Working Paper.

J Piesse, Y Khatri. (2002). Corporate performance and governance: a stochastic frontier approach to measuring and explaining inefficiency in the Malaysian corporate sector. International Review of Economics and Business, 49(2), 259-85.