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Assoc Prof Teo You Yenn
Associate Professor, School of Social Sciences
Provost’s Chair in Sociology
Head, Sociology, School of Social Sciences (SSS)
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Ng, Kok Hoe; Teo You Yenn; Neo Yu Wei; Ad Maulod; Ting Yi Ting. (2019). What older people need in Singapore: A household budgets study.

Teo, You Yenn. (2019). Academic Freedom in Singapore and the ‘Fake News’ Law.New Naratif, April 11.

Teo, You Yenn. (2019). Let's talk about a living wage: Singapore should consider a society-wide approach to raising low wages.The Straits Times, March 7.

Teo, You Yenn. (2019). Merdeka Generation Package: Time to move beyond one-time 'packages.'.The Straits Times, February 22.

Teo, You Yenn.(2019). Seeing a story to get to a case. They Told Us to Move(34-43). Singapore: Ethos Books.