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Asst Prof Xinlong Li
Assistant Professor, College of Business (Nanyang Business School) - Division of Marketing
Journal Articles
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1. “How Does a Firm Learn in a Changing World: The Case of Prosper Marketplace,” (with Andrew Ching), Marketing Science, Accepted.

2. “The Bright Side of Inequity Aversion,” (with Xi Li), Management Science.

3. “Demographic and Indication-specific Characteristics Have Limited Association with Social Network Engagement: Evidence From Four Healthcare Support Groups,” (with Trevor van Mierlo, Andrew Ching and Doug Hyatt), Journal of Medical Internet Research, vol.19 (2): e40, 2017.
Other Research Outputs/Projects
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“The Last Hurrah Effect: End-of-Period Temporal Landmarks Increase Optimism and Financial Risk-Taking,” (with Avni Shah, Revise & Resubmit at Journal of Marketing Research).

“The Role of Augmented Reality in Promoting Eco Friendly Transportation Choices: The Case of Pokémon Go,” (with Huachao Gao, Xin Wang and Praveen Kopalle, under review at Journal of Marketing Research).

“The Gambler's and Hot-hand Fallacies in Peer-to-peer Lending,” (with Xi Li, Reject & Resubmit at Management Science).

“The Bandwagon Effect: Can A Trophy Tame Internet Trolls?” (with Xinying Hao, Reject and Resubmit at Journal of Marketing).

“Goodbye My Friends and Goodbye My Career: Evidence from the Movie Industry,” (with Andrew Ching, Under Review at Journal of Marketing Research).