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Asst Prof Koh Kai Yang, Alan
Assistant Professor, College of Business (Nanyang Business School) - Division of Business Law
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Koh, Alan K. (2020). Shareholder Protection in Close Corporations and the Curious Case of Japan: The Enigmatic Past and Present of Withdrawal in a Leading Economy. Vanderbilt Journal of Transnational Law, 53(4), 1207–1264.

Koh, Alan K, Nakahigashi Masafumi, Puchniak Dan W. (2020). Land of the Falling 'Poison Pill': Understanding Defensive Measures in Japan on Their Own Terms. University of Pennsylvania Journal of International Law, 41(3), 687–754.

Goto Gen, Koh Alan K, Puchniak Dan W. (2020). Diversity of Shareholder Stewardship in Asia: Faux Convergence. Vanderbilt Journal of Transnational Law, 53(3), 687–754.

Koh, Alan K. (2018). (Non-)Enforcement of Directors’ Duties in Corporate Groups. Modern Law Review, 81(4), 673–688.

Koh, Alan K. (2016). Reconstructing the Reflective Loss Principle. The Journal of Corporate Law Studies, 16(2), 373–401.

Koh, Alan K. (2014). Appraising Japan's Appraisal Remedy. American Journal of Comparative Law, 62(2), 417–460.
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Alan K Koh, SHAREHOLDER PROTECTION IN CLOSE CORPORATIONS: THEORY, OPERATION, AND APPLICATION OF SHAREHOLDER WITHDRAWAL (International Corporate Law and Financial Market Regulation series, Cambridge University Press 2022), xxviii + 397 pp

平野温郎 (Haruo Hirano), 板持研吾 (Kengo Itamochi), 大塚周平 (Shūhei Ōtsuka), 岡本直己 (Naoki Okamoto) & Alan K Koh (eds), シンガポールビジネス法のエッセンス [THE ESSENCE OF SINGAPORE BUSINESS LAW] (Chuōkeizaisha 2022), x + 341 pp (in Japanese)