Academic Profile : Faculty

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Asst Prof Chiang Hui Ling Michelle
Assistant Professor, School of Humanities
Controlled Keywords
Samuel Beckett led me to the exploration of embodied lives in absolute systems that persistently fail to account for lived experiences. After the publication of Beckett’s Intuitive Spectator: Me to Play (2018) where I examined how the artist’s dramatisation of loss appeal more to the audience’s intuition than the intellect, I turn to a more in-depth consideration of loss in illness narratives. I am particularly interested in how authors navigate through healthcare systems and their experiences with medical technologies. My literary research intersects with my medical humanities focus on the experience of loss in healthcare settings: the loss of physical control, the witnessing of loss, and the experience of dying.
Literature and Theatre of the A​bsurd
Literature and Medicine
Literature and Technology
Beckett Studies
  • Developing Guidelines for Cultural Production to Combat Mental Health Stigma in Singapore
  • Medical Humanities Approach to the Value of Patient Stories and Narrative Ethics
  • Medicine in Mid-Century British Literature
Courses Taught
HL4042 Being Human in Literature and Film
HL3039 Major Author Study: Samuel Beckett
HL3038 Theatre of the Absurd
HL3001 Film Theory
AG6001 Ageing Asia: Interdisciplinary Perspectives