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Assoc Prof Chan Hiu Dan Alice
Associate Professor, School of Humanities
Head, Linguistics & Multilingual Studies, School of Humanities (SoH)
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Ong, J.H., & Chan, A.H.D. (2019). Statistical learning among young and older adults: Similar yet different?. International Congress of Phonetic Sciences (ICPhS).

Ong, J. H., Tan, S. H., Chan, A. H. D., & Wong, F. C. K.(2019). The effect of musical experience and congenital amusia on lexical tone perception, production, and learning: A review. Speech learning, perception, and production: Multidisciplinary approaches in Chinese language researchThe Springer series on Chinese Language Learning Sciences.

Lau, F., Wong, F.C.K., Luke, K.K., and Chan, A.H.D. (2019). Cognitive Correlates of N1 Print Tuning Effects. Organization for Human Brain Mapping Conference.

Burns, E.J., Murray, E., Bennetts, R., Bate, S., Chan, A.H.D., & Xu, H. (2018). Neural origins of cuteness perception and caregiving motivation: evidence from developmental and acquired prosopagnosia. Journal of Vision, 18(10), 920.

Burns E.J., Tree J., Chan A.H.D., and Xu H. (2018). Bilingualism shapes the other race effect. Vision Research, S0042-6989(30145-7), doi: 10.1016/j.visres.2018.07.004.