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Assoc Prof Chan Hiu Dan Alice
Associate Professor, School of Humanities
Head, Linguistics & Multilingual Studies, School of Humanities (SoH)
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Dr Chan worked in the Communication Neural Systems Research Group, Dept of Communication Sciences and Disorders, Northwestern University before joining NTU. She is Associate Professor and Head of Linguistics and Multilingual Studies, School of Humanities.
Her research work utilizes neuroimaging (fMRI, and EEG) and behavioral measures to investigate language, communication, and learning. Her studies demonstrated that the language experience shapes the perception and cognition of individuals across the lifespan. Her most recent work focuses on bilingual and biliteracy development and dyslexia in Singapore. These projects are supported by the Ministry of Education Tier 2 and SSRTG funding schemes.
  • Getting Read-y: Optimizing Early Chinese Instruction amidst Language Shift
  • Predicting Reading (Dis)Ability: Advancing Early Intervention
  • Understanding Bilingual Dyslexia: Identifying Subtypes for Targeted Remediation
  • What makes a successful word learner? An individual differences approach.