Academic Profile

Asst Prof LP Tan is currently in the School of Materials Science and Engineering since 2004. Her research interests include polymer engineering, and biodegradable polymers and heart tissue engineering.
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Assoc Prof Tan Lay Poh
Co-Director, ICC Office
Associate Professor, School of Materials Science & Engineering

Asst Prof LP Tan research interests include polymer engineering, and biodegradable polymers and heart tissue engineering
  • Advanced and Innovative Stapler Device for Haemorrhoidectomy

  • Decellularized Plant and Fungi Scaffolds for Structured Meat Production

  • Effect of High Frequency and High Voltage Stress on Epoxy Mold Compound

  • GReNutri: Green solution for tailored Release of Nutrients – Novel solution for better Yield and water retention

  • Institutional Research on the impact of teaching and learning policies and initiatives

  • Materials Engineering Education Stakeholders analysis

  • The Nature of Engineering Design Thinking: An Interdisciplinary Teaching and Problem Based Authentic Learning Approach
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