Academic Profile

Dr. Liu joined the School of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering of Nanyang Technological University as a lecturer on December 4, 2017.
Dr. Liu holds his bachelor and master’s degrees in Naval Architecture and Ocean Engineering from Harbin Engineering University, China. He obtained his PhD with dissertation of "Numerical simulation of large amplitude ship motions and applications to ship design and safe operation" from National Technical University of Athens in 2011. After that, he worked as a senior researcher at Ship Design Laboratory of National Technical University of Athens for 6 years, involved in a number of large-scale research projects both from the European Commission and industry. His interests fall into applied marine hydrostatics and hydrodynamics, cover in general the seakeeping, manoeuvering, wave load, stability, safety, and their impact on the design/optimization of a ships and structures.
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Dr Liu Shukui

(1) Marine Hydrodynamics
(2) Ship Design and Optimization
(3) Fuel and Environmental Performance Analysis
(4) Dynamics of a ship in Seaways
(5) Ship Stability
  • Investigation of the self-propulsion factors for determining minimum propulsion power to ensure safe ship operation at low speeds

  • Prediction of the added resistance of a ship in seaways for the rational determination of installed power

  • Water and Cavitation Tunnel Infrastructure Facility