Academic Profile

Prof. Raju V. Ramanujan is Full Professor and former Assistant Chair, School of Materials Science and Engineering, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore. He earned his undergraduate and Ph.D. degrees from IIT-Bombay and Carnegie Mellon University (USA), respectively. He is a Fellow of the American Society for Materials, Fellow of the Maharashtra Academy of Sciences and IEEE Senior Member. He has held leadership positions in leading professional societies. He serves/served on the Functional Materials Divisional Council, Magnetic Materials Committee (Chair), Phase Transformations Committee and Awards Committees of TMS (USA). He was the lead organizer of several prestigious international conferences. He was the chair of an IEEE INTERMAG conference and is an IEEE Technical Committee member. Ramanujan serves in an editorial capacity for Scientific Reports (Nature Publishing Group), Nanomedicine, Metallurgical and Materials Transactions, Materials Science and Engineering B, and Materials Science and Engineering C. He has received the Nanyang Award for Excellence in Teaching and the Rolls Royce Inventors award. He is a Guest Professor at South China University of Technology, University of North Texas, Indian Institute of Technology-Madras and Mumbai University. He is ranked among the top 2% of researchers worldwide across all fields. His research interests include accelerated materials development and magnetic nanotechnology for sustainability, energy, robotics, bio and Lab-on-a-chip applications. He is also well known for his work on high temperature structural materials.
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Prof Raju V. Ramanujan
Professor, School of Materials Science & Engineering

My research activities include:
a) Accelerated development of materials: Experimental, Modeling, AI/Machine Learning
b) Magnetic materials: fundamentals and applications in the fields of sustainability, robotics, energy, bio and Lab-on-a-chip
c) Sustainable materials, and
d) Materials for extreme service environments
  • High-Strength Lightweight Metals and Soft Magnetic Materials

  • Novel High-Performance Electric Motor Drives with Multiple Degree-of-Freedom for Robotic Applications

  • Study of Length Scale Effects and Interfaces on Mechanical Properties

  • Towards Innovative Manufacturing With Advanced Materials For Energy And Energy-Water Nexus Phase II (NEW-CREATE2)
  • Media coverage: Magnetic curing of polymers:

    Patent: Self-pumping magnetic cooling system for electric motor, Singapore provisional patent number 10202012076W (2020).

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