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Asst Prof Wu Kan
Assistant Professor, School of Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering
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Wu, K. (2014). Classification of queueing models for a workstation with interruptions: a review. International Journal of Production Research, 52(3), 902-917.

Wu, K., and L. F. McGinnis. (2013). Interpolation approximations for queues in series. IIE Transactions, 45(3), 273-290.

Wu, K., and L. F. McGinnis. (2012). Performance evaluation for general queueing networks in manufacturing systems: characterizing the trade-off between queue time and utilization. European Journal of Operational Research, 221(2), 328-339.

Wu, K., L. F. McGinnis, and B. Zwart. (2011). Queueing models for a single machine subject to multiple types of interruptions. IIE Transactions, 43(10), 753-759.

Wu, K., L. F. McGinnis, and B. Zwart. (2011). Approximating the performance of a batch service queue using the M/M-k/1 model. IEEE Transactions on Automation Science and Engineering, 8(1), 95-102.