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Assoc Prof Su Rong
Associate Professor, School of Electrical & Electronic Engineering
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Dr Su Rong obtained his Bachelor of Engineering degree from University of Science and Technology of China, and Master of Applied Science degree and PhD degree from University of Toronto, respectively. He was affiliated with the University of Waterloo and Technical University of Eindhoven before he joined Nanyang Technological University in 2010. Dr Su's research interests include multi-agent systems, discrete-event system theory, model-based fault diagnosis, cyber security analysis and synthesis, control and optimization of complex networks with applications in flexible manufacturing, intelligent transportation, human-robot interface, power management and green buildings. In the aforementioned areas he has more than 300 journal and conference publications, 2 monographs, 18 granted/filed patents. Dr Su is a senior member of IEEE, and an associate editor for IEEE Transactions on Cybernetics, Automatica (IFAC), Journal of Discrete Event Dynamic Systems: Theory and Applications, and Journal of Control and Decision. He was the Chair of the Technical Committee on Smart Cities in the IEEE Control Systems Society in 2016-2019. Currently, he is a co-chair of the Technical Committee on Automation in Logistics in the IEEE Robotics and Automation Society. Dr Su is the recipient of 2021 Hsue-shen Tsien Paper Award from IEEE/CAA Journal of Automatica Sinica, a Distinguished Lecturer for 2020 Chinese Conference on Decision and Control (CCDC'20) and an IEEE Distinguished Lecturer for IEEE Robotics and Automation Society.
(1) Discrete event systems: Supervisory control, Model-based diagnosis, Cyber Security Analysis, Simulation

(2) Multi-agent systems: Formation control, Output regulation, Sliding mode control

(3) Planning and Scheduling with Applications in Smart Cities: Smart manufacturing, Intelligent transportation, Smart buildings
  • Development of Stable Robust and Secure Intelligent Systems for Autonomous Vehicles (Stage 1a)
  • P4.1 Real-time Resilient Fleet Management and Production Planning for Cobot-AMR Systems
  • P4.1 Real-time Resilient Fleet Management and Production Planning for Cobot-AMR Systems
  • PA4: Smart Mechatronic Lab for Industrial Collaborative Robotics in Manufacturing [A*STAR-Funding]
  • PA4: Smart Mechatronic Lab for Industrial Collaborative Robotics in Manufacturing [Schaeffler Funding]
  • Robust Autonomous Mission Planning for a Fleet of Heterogeneous UxVs
  • Verification of Resilience of Sensing and Formal Control Synthesis for Safety Critical Multi-Robot-Human Systems (Cobot Thrust WP 2.7)
1st Best Paper Award in 15th International Conference on Advanced Systems in Public Transport (CASPT 2022), Tel Aviv

2021 Hsue-shen Tsien Paper Award, IEEE/CAA Journal of Automatica Sinica
Fellowships & Other Recognition
Distinguished Lecturer (DL), IEEE Robotics and Automation Society (RAS)

Distinguished Lecturer@2020 Chinese Control and Decision Conference
Courses Taught
IE2107 - Engineering Mathematics II
EE4285 - Computational Intelligence
EE6226 - Discrete Event Systems
EE6228 - Process Modeling and Scheduling
EE7204 - Linear Systems
Supervision of PhD Students
Brar Avalpreet Singh, 2023 - present, Supply-Demand Balancing for Mobility-on-Demand System with Human Factors

Li Jiangpeng, 2023 - present, Supervisor, Deep Reinforcement Learning Based Multi-agent Fleet Management System

Liu Shuqing, 2023 - present, Supervisor & Swarm Intelligence of Modular Robots and Collective Behavior under Formation Task

Song Yaofeng, 2023 - present, A Study on Deep Learning Based Traffic Forecasting and Control

Song Chen, 2022 - present, Game-Theoretical Approach for Control Of Multi-level Systems

Zhao Nanbin, 2020 - present, Intention Estimation Associated with Pedestrian-Vehicle Collaboration in Urban Traffic Scenarios under Smart City Framework

Luo Ruikang, 2019 - present, Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging Demand Forecasting and Planning Based on Deep Learning Approaches

Lee Kelvin, 2023, Autonomous Bus Demand Modeling and Optimization from Big Data , Scientist, A*STAR

Zhao Han, 2023, Deep learning-Based Traffic flow Prediction and Traffic Management System for Urban Transportation Networks , Research Scientist, Shanda Group

Tai Ruochen, 2023, Security Analysis and Resilient Control of Discrete-Event Systems , Research Fellow, NTU

Zhu Yuting, 2022, Networked Supervisory Control with Imperfect Communication Channels , Research Engineer at Venti Pte Ltd

Ozhelvaci Alican, 2022, Secure and Efficient Authentication Schemes for 5G Heterogeneous Networks , Research Scientist, ST Engineering

Yu Yang, 2021, Applications of Integral Reinforcement Learning Control in Electrical Machines and Power Converter Systems , Research Scientist, Halliburton

Gammana Guruge Nadeesha Sandamali, 2020, Real-time Flight Scheduling for Optimal Air Traffic Flow Management , Senior lecturer in Faculty of Engineering, University of Ruhuna, Sri Lanka

Zhang Yi, 2020, Optimization and Scheduling for a Large-Scale Urban Transportation System Involving Human Factors , Research Scientist (I), A*STAR I2R

Zhang Yicheng, 2019, Solving Large-Scale Resource Allocation Problems: Formulations, Solutions and Case Studies , Research Scientist (II), A*STAR I2R

Alireza Barzegar, 2019, Computationally Efficient Methods for Solving Optimal Power Flow Problems by Exploiting Supplementary Information , CERC Postdoctoral Research Fellow

Antonios Lentzakis, 2018, Region-based Urban Traffic Management , Research Scientist, NCS Group

Farnaz Adib Yaghmaie, 2017, Output Regulation of Linear Heterogeneous Multi-agent Systems , Assistant Professor, Linkoping University, Sweden

Radhakrishnan Nikitha, 2017, Energy Efficient Planning and Scheduling of HVAC Services in Smart Buildings , Team Leader, Technology Adoption, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, USA

Ahmad Reza Shehabinia, 2017, Time Optimal Supervisory Control of Discrete Event Systems , Data Analyst, GROUND Inc., Japan

Lin Liyong, 2016, Towards Decentralized and Parameterized Supervisor Synthesis , Manager, Contemporary Amperex Technology Co. Limited