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Asst Prof Fong T. Keng-Highberger
Assistant Professor, College of Business (Nanyang Business School) - Division of Leadership, Management & Organisation
Journal Articles
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Ramya, S. M., Keng-Highberger, F. T., & Baral, R.(2020). Enabling an intrinsic perspective towards approaching tensions in CS decisions through moral imagination - A conceptual framework. In David Wasieleski & Jim Weber(Ed), Business And Society 360 Book Series on Sustainability.

Fehr, R. Fulmer, A., & Keng-Highberger, F. T. (2019). How do employees react to leaders’ unethical behavior? The role of moral disengagement. Personnel Psychology, .

Yam, K. C., Fehr, R., Keng-Highberger, F. T, Klotz, A. C., & Reynolds, S. J. (2016). Out of control: A self-control perspective on the link between surface acting and abusive supervision. Journal of Applied Psychology, Vol 101(2), 292-301.

Chen, X. P., Dang, C. T., & Keng-Highberger, F. T.(2014). Broadening the motivation to cooperate: Revisiting the role of sanctions in social dilemmas. Social Dilemmas: New Perspectives on Reward and Punishment(115). New York: Oxford University Press.