Academic Profile

Dr. Zhou is an associate professor in the School of Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering at Nanyang Technological University, Singapore. His research interests include design of materials for sustainable water treatment, development of novel computational methods for modelling material behaviors, and additive manufacturing/3D printing. He conducted research as a postdoctoral fellow in the Department of Mechanical Engineering at Northwestern University, USA from 2007 to 2010. He was a visiting scholar in the School of Engineering and Applied Sciences at Harvard University, USA in the summer of 2013.

He has published over 350 papers in refereed journals including Progress in Materials Science, Physical Review Letters, Advanced Materials, Computer Methods in Applied Mechanics and Engineering, and International Journal of Numerical Methods in Engineering. He serves as Editor-in-Chief of Smart Manufacturing, Co-Editor-in-Chief of Journal of Micromechanics and Molecular Physics, an associate editor of Mechanics Research Communications, and an editorial board member of seven international journals including Virtual and Physical Prototyping, International Journal of Fatigue, International Journal of Applied Mechanics, Mechanics of Advanced Materials and Structures, and Polymers.
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Assoc Prof Zhou Kun
Associate Professor, School of Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering

Mechanics of materials; Modelling and design for sustainable materials; Additive manufacturing
  • Application of design methodologies and tools for novel design and redesign of metal additive manufacturing products for marine and offshore applications

  • Electrical & Thermal Measurement At Front-Of-Line Interconnections For Energy And Environmental Applications

  • Innovative design and development of adaptive and smart rail steel clamps for rail defect isolation on track

  • Investigation on the processing-microstructure-property correlation to establish qualification requirements for 3D printed metals for marine and offshore applications

  • Smart Bus Monitoring and Maintenance Inspection System

  • South East Asia MArine Plastics (SEAmap): Solutions and Integrated Strategies for the Reduction, Control and Mitigation of Marine Plastic Pollution in the Philippines
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