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Assoc Prof Setoh Pei Pei
Associate Professor, School of Social Sciences
External Links
- Dr Yena Kyeong, PhD, Research Fellow
- Meryl Yu, Research Associate
- Sharon Ting, Project Officer
- Petrina Low, PhD student
- Johanna Ruess, PhD student
- Zhan Lin, PhD student

Assoc. Prof. Peipei Setoh is a developmental psychologist.

Her research goal is to see children thrive and achieve their potential. To achieve this, her research examines parenting and children’s developmental outcomes.

She currently leads three projects aligned with these research aims. She is the Principal Investigator of: i) Children’s Intelligence Mindsets: Promoting Gender Diversity in STEM, funded by Ministry of Education’s 2019 Social Science Research Humanities Research Fellowship; ii) The Development of Altruism in Young Children and iii) Maximising human potential: Trajectories of Thriving for Mothers and Children, funded by Ministry of Education’s 2020 and 2022 Academic Research Fund Tier 1 Grant.

Assoc. Prof. Setoh’s research has been published in top academic journals such as the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, Developmental Psychology, and Child Development. Her research work into parenting by lying has been featured by The BBC and Channel News Asia, and her work on racial harmony and infant cognition has been featured by The Straits Times, Lianhe Zaobao, Singapore Tonight, Today Online, and The Asian Scientist.

Assoc. Prof. Setoh received her BSocSci degree in Psychology from National University of Singapore, MA from Nanyang Technological University, and a MA and PhD degree from University of Illinois, USA.

She is the Director of the Early Cognition Lab, and website is

Appointments & Professional Services
NTU Senate Committee
Senate Steering Committee Member (8th Senate)
Chair, Senate Committee on Faculty Development

NTU Research Council
Member of EP4: Accountancy, Business, Humanities and Social Sciences Cluster

NTU Institutional Review Board
Member, NTU Institutional Review Board (2020 - 2023)

Society for Research in Child Development
Publications Committee Member (2021 - present)
1. Parenting – This broad category of research includes studies on sensitive parenting and healthy disciplines, parent-child synchrony, the practice of parenting by lying, and bilingual language acquisition and development.

2. Children’s Moral Development – This line of research examines young children’s moral evaluations and moral actions, children’s concept of justice, and how to develop children’s character strengths and promote prosocial behaviour.

3. Racial Equity – This line of research aims to foster harmonious intergroup relations by understanding young children’s racial categorization and examining the effects of intergroup contact and individuation programs to promote positive attitudes among different ethnicities.

4. Gender Equity – This line of research investigates the effects of gender-intelligence stereotypes on female STEM representation.
  • Children’s Intelligence Mindsets: Promoting Gender Diversity in STEM
  • Development of Intergenerational Bonding: Filial Piety in Singaporean families
  • LOVING (Learning about Our behavior is Valuable for Increasing Nurturing relationships and healthy Growth) - NTU Co PI: Setoh Pei Pei
  • Maximising Human Potential: Trajectories of Thriving for Mothers and Children
  • Proud to be Singaporean: An Investigation into the Neural and Cognitive Processing of National Identity and National Belonging (IMPRINT)
  • The Development of Moral Altruism in young Children
  • The Singapore Preschool Project
2019 Nanyang Research Award, Young Investigator, Nanyang Technological University.
Fellowships & Other Recognition
2019 Social Science and Humanities Research Fellowship
Courses Taught
HP2300: Human Development
HP4031: Laboratory in Developmental Psychology
HP4233: Social Cognition in Childhood
HP7205: Special Topics in Developmental Psychology
Supervision of PhD Students
Zhan Lin, PhD Candidate, 2024 - present.
Johanna Ruess, PhD Candidate, 2024 - present.
Petrina Low Hui Xian, PhD Candidate, 2021 - present. Parenting by lying.
Won Ying Qing, MA Candidate, 2022 - 2023. Recollections of discipline on developmental outcomes.
Zhao Siqi, PhD, 2017 - 2022. Ideas about intelligence across development.
Kristy Lee Jia Jin, PhD, 2016 - 2022. Children's concept of justice.