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Assoc Prof Erik Cambria
Associate Professor, School of Computer Science and Engineering
Provost’s Chair in Computer Science and Engineering
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Erik Cambria is the Founder of SenticNet, a Singapore-based company offering B2B sentiment analysis services, and an Associate Professor at NTU, where he also holds the appointment of Provost Chair in Computer Science and Engineering. Prior to joining NTU, he worked at Microsoft Research Asia (Beijing) and HP Labs India (Bangalore) and earned his PhD through a joint programme between the University of Stirling and MIT Media Lab.

His research focuses on neurosymbolic AI for explainable natural language processing in domains like sentiment analysis, dialogue systems, and financial forecasting. He is recipient of several awards, e.g., IEEE Outstanding Career Award, was listed among the AI's 10 to Watch, and was featured in Forbes as one of the 5 People Building Our AI Future. He is an IEEE Fellow, Associate Editor of many top-tier AI journals, e.g., INFFUS and IEEE TAFFC, and is involved in various international conferences as program chair and SPC member.
sentic computing
sentiment analysis
commonsense reasoning
natural language understanding
  • B2: Conversational Assistant (IAF-ICP)(01.12.2019-30.11.2024)
  • B2: Conversational Assistant (RCA)(01.12.2019-30.11.2024)
  • Human-Robot Collaborative AI for Advanced Manufacturing and Engineering (AME) Programmatic Grant: Commonsense Reasoning
  • Provost's Chair in Computer Science and Engineering
  • Sentic Computing