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Prof Zhao Yanli
Associate Chair (Research & Graduate Education)
Lee Soo Ying Professorship in Materials Chemistry
Professor, School of Chemistry, Chemical Engineering and Biotechnology
Professor, School of Chemical and Biomedical Engineering
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Dr. Zhao received his B.Sc. and Ph.D. degrees in chemistry from Nankai University. He was a postdoctoral scholar with Professor Sir Fraser Stoddart at University of California Los Angeles and subsequently at Northwestern University. When he was at University of California Los Angeles, he also conducted research work with Professor Jeffrey Zink. He is currently a Professor in the School of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, the School of Chemical and Biomedical Engineering, and the School of Materials Science and Engineering at Nanyang Technological University.
The research programs in the Zhao group focus on the development of integrated systems for diagnostics and therapeutics, as well as porous materials for gas/energy storage and catalysis. They utilize interdisciplinary approaches to investigate the emerging problems at the forefront of chemistry and materials sciences.
  • Chiral Covalent Organic Frameworks for Chiral Recognition and Asymmetric Catalysis
  • Circularly Polarized Ultralong Room Temperature Phosphorescence Based on Amorphous Polymers
  • Engineering electrochemical CO2 reduction to fuels over hollow nano-materials
  • Heavy Metal-free Sulfur Nano Dots for Luminescence based Applications
  • IDMxS - Visiting and Travel
  • Institute for Digital Molecular Analytics and Science (IDMxS)
  • Mesoporous Material Supported Single-Site Pd(II) Catalysts for CO/CO2-Involved Reactions
  • Nano-enabled Adsorptive Membrane Scaffolds as Harvesting Devices for Precious Lithium Metal Recovery
  • Near Infrared Hybrid Systems for Deep Tissue Photoacoustic Imaging
  • Porous Polymer Supported Heterogeneous Catalysts for Reduction and Ullmann Coupling
  • Smart Supramolecular Prodrug Systems For Combination Cancer Theranostics
  • Structural Design and Interfacial Engineering Toward Dendrite-free Metal Anodes
  • Support for Postdocs (NRFF)
  • Surface-Clean Cu2O Nanocrystals with Various Morphologies for CO Electroreduction
  • Transdermal delivery of therapeutics based on self-administrable micro-lances