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Assoc Prof Wang Qinan
Associate Professor, College of Business (Nanyang Business School) - Division of Information Technology & Operations Management
Journal Articles
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Wang Qinan, Chay Yiowmin, Wu Zhang. (2011). Streamlining Inventory Flows with Time Discounts to Improve the Profits of a Decentralized Supply Chain. International Journal of Production Economics, 132, 230-239.

Wu Z., Wang P. H., Wang Q. N. (2009). A Loss-Function Based Adaptive Control Chart for Monitoring Process Mean and Variance. International Journal of Advanced Manufacturing Technology, 40(9), 948-959.

Wu Z., M Shamsuzzaman, Wang Qinan. (2007). The Cost Minimization and Manpower Deployment to SPC in a Multistage Manufacturing System. International Journal of Production Research, 106, 275-287.

Wang Qinan, Wu Z. (2007). An Empirical Study on the Lanchester Model of Combat for Competitive Advertising Decisions. European Journal of Operational Research, 183(2), 871-881.

Wu Z., Wang Qinan. (2007). An np Control Chart Using Double Inspections. Journal of Applied Statistics, 34(7), 843-855.