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Assoc Prof Premila Gowri Shankar
Head of Division
Associate Professor, College of Business (Nanyang Business School) - Division of Accounting
Head, Division of Accounting, College of Business (NBS)
Journal Articles
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Boo, E., Ng, T., and Shankar, P. G. (2020). Effects of advice on auditor whistleblowing propensity : Do advice source and advisor reassurance matter? Journal of Business Ethics. doi:10.1007/s10551-020-04615-0

Boo, E., T. B.-P. Ng, and P. G. Shankar. (2016). Effects of incentive scheme and working relationship on whistle-blowing in an audit setting. Auditing, 35(4), 23-38.

Boo Hian Yong, Ng Bu Peow, and Premila Gowri Shankar. (2012). The Effects of Carrot versus Stick Incentive Schemes and Working Relationships on Auditors’ Reporting of Questionable ActsAmerican Accounting Association Auditing Section Mid-year Meeting.

Ng, T.B.-P., and P.G. Shankar. (2010). Effects of Technical Department's Advice, Quality Assessment Standards, and Client Justifications on Auditors' Propensity to Accept Client-Preferred Accounting Methods. The Accounting Review, 85(5), forthcoming.

Shankar, P.G., and Seow J. L. (2010). The Association between Accounting Students' Lone Wolf Tendencies and their Perceptions, Preferences and Performance Outcomes in Team Projects. Journal of Accounting Education, 28(June), 75-84.

H-T Tan and Shankar P.G. (2010). Audit Reviewers' Evaluation of Subordinates' Work Quality. Auditing, 29(1), 251-266.