Academic Profile : No longer with NTU

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Asst Prof Ana Cristina Dias Alves
Assistant Professor, School of Social Sciences
Research Areas:
- China’s foreign policy and economic statecraft in developing regions
- China-Africa cooperation (infrastructure and knowledge transfer)
- China-SE Asia cooperation (infrastructure and knowledge transfer)
- China's relations with Lusophone countries
- Belt and road initiative (SE Asia and Africa)
- Development cooperation in the global south

Research projects:
- She is currently Co-PI in a research project funded by the Ministry of Education of Singapore (MOE Tier 2 grant) on Transnational Knowledge transfer in the global South (2017-2020), looking at Chinese SEZs and Agriculture centres in Africa.
- She has recently concluded (2017) a 3 year research Project as PI on China's Economic Statecraft in Southeast Asia, focusing on infrastructure loans towards the region.

HA2015 China in Africa
HA2017 Foreign Policy Analysis
HA3005 Politics in the Developing World
HA3016 Chinese Foreign Policy

- 2012 PhD in International Relations, London School of Economics and Politcal Science (LSE), UK
- 2005 M.A. in International Relations – Asian studies, School of Social and Political Sciences- technical University of Lisbon (ISCSP – UTL ), Portugal
- 1996 BA in International Relations - Studies on developing region, ISCSP – UTL, Portugal

Selected publications:
Chris Alden, Sergio Chichava and Ana Cristina Alves (2017) Mozambique and Brazil:
Forging new partnerships or developing dependency? Johannesburg: Jacana

Chris Alden and Ana Cristina Alves (Jan 2017) “China’s Regional Forums in the Developing World: Socialisation and the ‘Sinosphere’”, Journal of Contemporary China Vol. 26, No. 103, pp 151-165

Ana Cristina Alves and Sergio Chichava (July 2018). Neo-patrimonialism and extraversion in China’s relations with Angola and Mozambique – is Beijing making a difference?. In Chris Alden and Dan Large (eds) New Directions in Africa –China Studies, New York: Routledge

Chris Alden and Ana Cristina Alves (June 2018). “China’s Economic and Trade Cooperation Zones in Africa: A Viable Model of Development?” in Hu Biliang , Garth Shelton and Chris Alden (eds), FOCAC Industrialization and Agricultural Modernization: 2018 and Beyond , Johannesburg: HSRC

Ana Cristina Alves (Feb 2018). The Resurgence of China's Third World Policy in the 21st Century. In Piteira, C., Mendes, N.C., Rodrigues, I., Silva, T.A.(Eds.), Antologia sobre a Ásia Contemporânea: Perspetivas de Investigação no Instituto do Oriente [Contemporary Anthology of Asia: research perspectives from the orient institute] (pp. 73–84). Lisbon: ISCSP.

Ana Cristina Alves (2017) “China’s Economic Statecraft in Africa: Continuity and Change from Mao to Xi”, in Li Mingjian (ed), China’s Economic Statecraft: Co-optation, Cooperation and Coercion, Singapore: World Scientific Press
Her research interest lies in the intersection of Chinese Foreign Policy, economic statecraft and development cooperation in the global south, with particular reference to China’s relations with developing regions in the southern hemisphere. Over the past two decades her research has focused on China’s economic cooperation with Africa, focusing on its engagement in extractive industries, infrastructure development, economic and trade cooperation zones on the continent and more recently on knowledge transfer between China and Africa and its developmental impact. Her research interests also encompass comparative analysis, namely regarding China’s engagement in other developing regions (South America and Southeast Asia in particular), as well as comparing China’s developmental approach with that of other emerging powers in the southern hemisphere.
  • Transnational Knowledge Transfer And Dynamic Governance In Comparative Perspective