Academic Profile : Faculty

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Dr Shawn Kaihekulani Yamauchi Lum
Senior Lecturer, Asian School of the Environment
Shawn Lum joined the Asian School of the Environment in January 2016 after spending more than twenty years as a Lecturer at the National Institute of Education. He joined NIE upon completion of his PhD at the University of California, Berkeley. Shawn is a product of islands - he was born in Tokyo, raised in Honolulu, and has spent his working career in Singapore. Shawn's teaching has centered upon plant diversity, forest ecology, and conservation. In addition to his teaching and academic work, he works closely with local environment and nature-related agencies and is also active in nature conservation NGOs and civil society.
Shawn's principal research interest is in the dynamics of tropical forest fragments. The bulk of his field time has focused on the long-term dynamics of the forest of the Bukit Timah Nature - changes to the primary forest over time, the recovery of the secondary forest, and the fate of trees that typically depend on large vertebrates (long extinct in Singapore) for dispersal. With colleagues, Shawn also in involved in work on monodominant peatswamp forests in northwest Borneo, and on local and regional scale patterns of population genetic diversity in Southeast Asian tree communities.
  • A Deep Learning Augmented Ultra-Wideband Radar for Rapid Detection and Imaging of Tree Defects
  • Climate Transformation Programme
  • Climate Transformation Programme - Cluster 2 (Eleanor Slade)
  • Climate Transformation Programme - Cluster 2 (Kim Hie Lim)
  • Climate Transformation Programme - Cluster 2 (Ryan Chisholm)
  • Forest Restoration Digital Companion: A Social-Ecological-Technical Systems Approach
  • Investigating the underlying drivers of Singapore’s loss and gains in urban green spaces from 1990-2020
  • Revealing the genetic diversity of threatened peat swamp tree species in Singapore and neighbouring regions
  • Unraveling the impacts of environmental change and restoration initiatives on biodiversity and species interactions in Southeast Asian ecosystems