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Prof S Viswanathan
Professor, College of Business (Nanyang Business School) - Division of Information Technology & Operations Management
Director, Centre of Business Sustainability (CBS)
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S. Ghosh, R. Piplani, S. Viswanathan. (2015). A new two-bin policy for inventory systems with differentiated demand classes. Production and Operations Management, 24(5), 840-850.

Y. Feng and S. Viswanathan. (2014). Heuristics with guaranteed performance for a manufacturing system with product recovery. European Journal of Operational Research, 232, 322-329.

Sugoutam Ghosh, R. Piplani, S. Viswanthan. (2013). Optimal inventory rationing policy under service differentiation for multiple customer classes with deterministic demand. International Journal of Services Operations Management, 18, 38-56.

S. Axsater and S. Viswanathan. (2012). On the value of customer information for an independent supplier in a continuous review inventory system. European Journal of Operational Research, 221, 34-347.

4. C. Zhou and S. Viswanathan. (2011). Comparison of a new bootstrapping method with parametric approaches for safety stock determination in service parts inventory system. International Journal of Production Economics, 133, 481-485.