Academic Profile : Faculty

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Assoc Prof Huang Yizhong
Associate Professor, School of Materials Science & Engineering
Dr Huang took his PhD in Materials Physics at University of Science and Technology Beijing and has been working in University of Oxford as a postdoc and then research fellow (faculty member) and is currently an associate professor in MSE at NTU.
1. Novel nanocomposites for low temperature solid oxide fuel cells.

2. Ordered nanosturctured arrays for nanodevices such as bio-senors and gas-senors.

3. 3D interfacial analysis of inorganic -organic interfaces and materials failure at the micro/nano-scale.

4. Self-lubricating nanocomposites for hard coatings.

5. Transimission Electron microscopy (TEM) and focused ion beam (FIB).
  • Scalable rapidly-prepared-electrodes for sustainable electrolytic hydrogen production in the industry