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Prof Law Wing-Keung, Adrian
Professor, School of Civil and Environmental Engineering
Dr Law obtained his B.Eng. degree from the Department of Civil and Structural Engineering, University of Hong Kong, and M. Sc. and Ph.D. from the Department of Civil Engineering, University of California at Berkeley. His first professional job was with Hydro-Research Science that performed physical and numerical modeling analysis related to hydraulics, coastal and water resources projects for government agencies and companies. Subsequently he was with the Geotechnical and Hydraulic Engineering Service of the Bechtel Corporation USA working on a wide range of hydraulic and coastal engineering projects, with focus on numerical modeling. From 1995 he has been teaching hydraulic and coastal engineering in the Nanyang Technological University.
environmental fluid mechanics, hydraulic and coastal engineering
  • AHC Chairmanship 2021-2023 and budgetary support
  • Deployment, Demonstration and Optimisation of the Thermo-Disintegration Waste to Energy (TDWE) System as a Decentralised, Flexible, and Value-adding Waste Management Strategy for a Zero Waste Sustainable City
  • Development Of Enhanced Utilization Methodologies For Slagging Gasification
  • Flooding - Development of 3D Visualisation Platform for Flood and Transport Resillency
  • WP3-Climate Change Impact On Urban Tree Resilience
US 2018/0001264 A1: Integrated Reverse Osmosis Module With Energy Recovery For Desalination (2021)
Abstract: A system includes a first fluid inlet and a single reverse osmosis membrane module having a permeate outlet and a first inlet/outlet channel and a second fluid inlet/outlet channel in fluid communication with the first fluid inlet. An energy transfer system has a second fluid inlet, a brine outlet, a first energy exchanging module and a second energy exchanging module. The first and second energy exchanging modules are adapted to reversibly operate in opposite flow phases where a flow direction for the expulsion flow phase in each energy exchanging module is constant and where a flow direction for the energy recover flow phase in each energy exchanging module is constant. The single reverse osmosis membrane module is adapted to reversibly receive a feed flow through one of the first and second fluid inlet/outlet channels and produce a brine outflow through the other of the first and second inlet/outlet channels.

US 2016/0279576 A1: A Membrane Filtration Module (2019)
Abstract: A membrane filtration module configured for use in a filtration reactor, the module comprising: hollow fibre membranes configured to perform filtration of feed fluid in the reactor; and a vibration mechanism configured to vibrate the hollow fibre membranes to generate shear stresses on the surface of the hollow fibre membranes for reducing fouling of the hollow fibre membranes.