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Assoc Prof Lee Suet Lin, Joyce
Associate Professor, College of Business (Nanyang Business School) - Division of Business Law
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Associate Professor Joyce Lee is from the Nanyang Business School. She holds a LL.B from NUS and LL.M from the University of Virginia. She was in law practice until she joined the University.

As a faculty member, Joyce has taught Company Law, Corporate Finance Law, Principles of Law, Business Law and Consumer and Marketing Law. In recent years, Joyce has focused on teaching Company law and Corporate Finance Law and has acted as subject coordinator for these courses for many semesters.

Her research interests include company law and securities regulations. Joyce has published articles in reputable international journals such as The Cambridge Law Journal, The Journal of Corporate Law Studies, Companies and Securities Law Journal, Journal of International Arbitration and Australian Journal of Corporate Law and local journals such as Singapore Academy of Law Journal. She was an Associate Editor of the Asia Business Law Review.
Associate Professor Joyce Lee's expertise and research interests are in the areas of corporate law and securities regulation.