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Asst Prof Tang Qinshen (汤勤深)
Assistant Professor, College of Business (Nanyang Business School) - Division of Information Technology & Operations Management
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Dr. Tang Qinshen is an assistant professor at the Division of Information Technology and Opeartions Management, Nanyang Business School, Nanyang Technological University. He joined the division in 2020. Prior to that, he was a research fellow at the Institute of Operations Research and Analytics, National University of Singapore, where he also obtained his Ph.D. degree from.

Research Interests
  • Data-driven and target-based decision making under uncertainty with applications in operations and supply chain management.
  • Operations management interfaces with marketing.
  • Methodologies: Robust optimization, business analytics, machine learning, and game theory.

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    • Joint Prediction and Optimization in Supply Chain Management
  • 2023, Nominated ITOM Teaching Excellence Award
  • 2022, Nominated ITOM Research Excellence Award
  • 2022, Honorary Mention, Institute of Supply Chain and Operation Management (ISCOM) Best Paper Competition
  • 2019, Honorary Mention, POMS College of Supply Chain Management Student Paper Competition
  • 2019, Honourable Mention, POMS-HK Best Student Paper Competition
  • 2017, Outstanding Graduate Student Teaching Award
    Courses Taught
    Nanyang Business School, Nanyang Technological University
    • Prescriptive Analytics: From Data to Decisions (Instructor, Undergraduate, Three Sessions)
      • Spring 2024 (BC2410, BC2411)
        • Evaluations: (4.93/5.0, 4.84/5.0), (4.98/5.0, 4.87/5.0), (5.00/5.0, 4.97/5.0)
      • Spring 2023 (BC2410, BC2411)
        • Evaluations: (4.90/5.0, 4.24/5.0), (4.77/5.0, 4.83/5.0), (4.99/5.0, 3.84/5.0)
      • Spring 2022 (BC2410)
        • Evaluations: 4.91/5.0, 4.72/5.0, 4.60/5.0
    School of Economics and Management, Hanoi University of Science and Technology
    • EM3820E Prescriptive Analytics (Guest Instructor, Undergraduate, One Session), May 2024
    NUS Business School, National University of Singapore
    • DSC1704 Decision Analytics using Spreadsheets (Instructor, Undergraduates, Two Sessions), Fall 2017
    Supervision of PhD Students
  • Vasay Nathaniel Ryan Hong (Co-Supervisor), 2020 - Present
  • HE Yifan (Co-Supervisor), 2020 - Present
  • ZHANG Hongyan (Visiting Ph.D. student, University of Science and Technology of China), Jan. 2023 - Jul. 2024
  • XIN Yue (Visiting Ph.D. student, Renmin University of China), Jan. 2023 - Jan. 2024
  • YANG Jiazi (Visiting Ph.D. student, South China University of Technology), Sep. 2023 - Aug. 2024