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Assoc Prof Hee Wai Siam
Associate Professor, School of Humanities
Dr. Hee's areas of expertise include Cultural studies, Cold War studies and Chinese literature. He has published four scholarly monographs and co-edited three academic books. His recent published monograph, Post-Malaysian Chinese-language Film: Accented Style, Sinophone and Auteur Theory is shortlisted for the ICAS Best Book Prize by the International Convention of Asia Scholars,The Netherlands.

He was the winner of the Fulbright Singapore Researcher Award and served as Fulbright scholar at the Harvard University. He teaches Chinese literature and culture, Gender studies, Chinese Cinemas and Sinophone studies at the School of Humanities. He was the recipient of the Nanyang Education Award (School of Humanities).
My research project draws on archives of The Asia Foundation from Stamford University and the Central Intelligence Agency and examines how it secretly funded Asia Pictures(亚洲影业公司), Asia Press(亚洲出版社) and Union Press(友联出版社)to initiate a cultural Cold War in global South and mould a non-Communist Chinese identity. This research project will incorporate correspondence/reports among all parties, memoirs of Asia Pictures, Asia Press and Union Press’s leaders, oral history, and their works in order to analyze their organizational and operational modes. Furthermore, the content and political orientation of their works will be scrutinized to established to what extent it interacted and coordinated with The Asia Foundation's anti-Communist strategies to curb left-wing forces in the global South.
  • Contested Chinese Identities, Union Cultural Organization and the Cold War in Singapore and Malaysia: The Case of I-Lien Dramatic Society and Dramatic Arts Society (1957-1970)
Fulbright Singapore Researcher Award, Harvard University.​
Nanyang Education Award, NTU.​
Singapore Literature Prize (Chinese Creative Non-fiction category), Singapore Book Council.
Fellowships & Other Recognition
Seasoned Academician, JFE 21st Century Foundation, Osaka University and Rikkyo University, Japan.​
Courses Taught
HC3014 Cultural Study of Chinese Cinemas
HC4013 Gender and Sexuality in Chinese Literature
HC4063 A Study of Sinophone Culture in Singapore and Malaysia
HC7014 A Study of Chinese-Language Film Culture
Supervision of PhD Students
Zhou Zi-heng (2018–2022): UK and US production of moving images in the Global South during the Cold War (1946-1972):The Case of Malayan Film Unit, the Hong Kong Film Unit and the Asia Pictures.