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Assoc Prof Hee Wai Siam
Associate Professor, School of Humanities
Journal Articles
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Hee Wai-Siam. 2021. "The Lure of Diaspora: Diaspora Discourse, Accented Style, and Sinophone Malaysian Culture” Modern Chinese Literature and Culture, 33.2: 205-257.

Hee Wai-Siam. 2020. "Queer Latent Image, Post-Loyalism and the Cold War: The Case of an Early Sinophone Star, Bai Yun" Cultural Critique, 108: 94-124.

Hee Wai-Siam. 2019. Remapping the Sinophone: The Cultural Production of Chinese-language Cinema in Singapore and Malaya Before and During the Cold War. Hong Kong: Hong Kong University Press.

Hee Wai-Siam. 2019. "Accented Style: On Namewee’s Sinophone Malaysian Film and Rap Songs" Interventions: International Journal of Postcolonial Studies, 21.2:273-290.

Hee Wai-Siam. 2018.《华语电影在后马来西亚:土腔风格、华夷风和作者论》(Post-Malaysian Chinese-language Film: Accented Style, Sinophone and Auteur Theory) 台北: 联经出版社

Hee Wai-Siam. 2018. “Anti-Communist Films Sponsored by the US Government in Singapore and Malaya: On the New York Sound Masters Inc.” Inter-Asia Cultural Studies,19.2: 310-327.