Academic Profile

I work on ethics.
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Assoc Prof Andrew T. Forcehimes
Associate Professor, School of Humanities

Normative Ethics
  • Being of a Mind: A Moral Theory Focusing on Attitudes
  • Andrew T. Forcehimes. (2021). Attitudinal Strength as Distance to Withholding. Philosophical Studies, 178, 963–981.

  • Andrew T. Forcehimes; Luke Semrau. (2020). Relationship Sensitive Consequentialism is Regrettable. Social Theory and Practice, 46(2), 257-276.

  • Andrew T. Forcehimes. (2019). Asymmetrism and the Magnitudes of Welfare Benefits. JESP, 15 (2), 175-185.

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  • Andrew T. Forcehimes. (2018). A Dilemma for Non-Analytic Naturalism. Pacific Philosophical Quarterly, 99(2), 228-247.

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