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Assoc Prof Susanna Jenkins
Associate Chair (Faculty)
Associate Professor, Asian School of the Environment
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Susanna's research focusses on volcanic hazard and risk assessment. Her background is in Geology and Geophysical Hazards. Prior to joining NTU, Susanna completed her PhD at Macquarie University in Australia, and held two post-doctoral positions: one in Cambridge, UK, and an AXA research fellowship post in Bristol, UK. Susanna is also Principal Investigator at Earth Observatory of Singapore.
The central theme of my research is to characterise and quantify the impact of volcanic activity on people and the assets upon which they depend, such as buildings and infrastructure. I tackle the challenges inherent in forecasting hazard and risk through the following key research areas:

• Reconstruction of past eruptions and impacts through numerical modelling, remote sensing, field studies, and the scientific analysis of historical reports;

• Quantification of the physical vulnerability of societal assets (e.g. humans, buildings, infrastructure, agriculture) to volcanic hazards through pre-, syn- and post-eruption impact studies (both field-based and remotely sensed) and experiments;

• Volcanic hazard and risk assessment through the development and application of numerical models coupled with probabilistic methods and approaches to managing uncertainty;

• Statistical interrogation of eruption datasets to provide forecasts of future eruption style, frequency and magnitude at volcanoes across different spatial and temporal scales.

My work provides fundamental contributions to academia, and is used by industry, and non- and inter-governmental organisations to support volcanic risk reduction at active volcanoes.
  • Integrating Volcano and Earthquake Science and Technology (InVEST) in Southeast Asia
  • Satellite-based detection and characterization of Volcanic Ash Plumes
  • Volcanic Risk Assessment in Asia
Courses Taught
ES5006 - Environmental Sustainability
ES2801 - Introduction to Natural Hazards
ES1006 - Introductory Field Experience
ES4904/7007 - Volcanology