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Asst Prof Charles Or
Assistant Professor, School of Social Sciences
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PhD (Psychology), York University, Canada, 2011
MPhil (Psychology), The University of Hong Kong, 2005
BCogSc, The University of Hong Kong, 2003

Dr. Or obtained his Bachelor's degree in Cognitive Science at The University of Hong Kong. There he was also awarded a Master's degree in visual psychophysics by studying the interaction of motion and form information in the perception of "Glass patterns". He earned his Ph.D. in the Centre for Vision Research and the Department of Psychology at York University, Canada. His dissertation work studied discrimination and memory of face viewpoint and face identity through psychophysical experiments with synthetic face stimuli. Before joining NTU, he worked at University of California, Santa Barbara and University of Louvain, Belgium, where he conducted face perception research using techniques including eye movement monitoring and electroencephalography (EEG).
Dr. Or's research focuses on visual perception of faces, motion, and form, using electrophysiology, psychophysics, and computational modelling as tools. Currently, he is investigating how face detection and face identification can be accomplished rapidly under various circumstances, such as varying viewing angles and the presence of colour, using a novel and objective paradigm of fast periodic visual stimulation during recording of high-density scalp electroencephalograms (EEG). He is also interested in studying cultural variations in visual perception.
  • Recognizing faces under Imperfect Situations