Academic Profile : Faculty

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Dr Lam Tsui Eu Sandra
Lecturer, School of Humanities
Lam Tsui Eu Sandra holds a Doctor of Philosophy degree in Applied Linguistics from Nanyang Technological University, Singapore; and Master’s degrees in English from Cambridge University, UK and Applied Linguistics from Nanyang Technological University. She currently teaches Scientific Communication I and Engineering Communication I courses at the Language and Communication Centre. Her research interests include academic writing, corrective feedback and the use of peer feedback in L2 writing.
Lam Tsui Eu Sandra’s key research interest is in feedback on writing, specifically the use of teacher and peer feedback on writing with L2 learners. Her current research project is a qualitative study on the response to and use of peer and teacher feedback on writing of L2 Chinese learners. The study also focuses on the use of a web-based platform for peer feedback.
Her other research interests include corrective feedback, teaching methodology and language attitudes towards and use of Singlish in Singapore.