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Assoc Prof Yap Kim Hui
Associate Professor, School of Electrical & Electronic Engineering
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He Yu, Yap Kim Hui, Chen Li and Chau Lap Pui. (2007). A Nonlinear Least Square Technique for Simultaneous Image Registration and Super-resolution. IEEE Transactions on Image Processing, 16(11), 2830-2841.

K. Wu and K.-H. Yap. (2006). Fuzzy SVM for content-based image retrieval: a pseudo-label support vector machine framework. IEEE Computational Intelligence Magazine, 1(2), 10-16.

Yap Kim Hui and Wu Kui. (2005). A soft relevance framework in content-based image retrieval systems. IEEE Transactions on Circuits and Systems for Video Technology, 15(12), 1557-1568.

Chen Li and Yap Kim-Hui. (2005). A soft double regularization approach to parametric blind image deconvolution. IEEE Transactions on Image Processing, 14(5), 624-633.

YAP Kim-Hui, LING GUAN and WANQUAN LIU. (2003). A recursive soft-decision approach to blind image deconvolution. IEEE Transactions on Signal Processing, 51(2), 515-526.