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Assoc Prof Marcos
Associate Dean (Academic), College of Engineering
Associate Professor, School of Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering
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Pei Yen Tan, Marcos, Yu Liu. (2020). Modelling bacterial chemotaxis for indirectly binding attractants. Journal of Theoretical Biology, 487, 110120.

Jiyu Li, Ya Liu, Jifeng Ren, Benjamin Zikai Tay, Tao Luo, Lei Fan, Dong Sun, Guannan Luo, Denvid Lau, Marcos and Raymond H. W. Lam. (2020). Antibody-coated microstructures for selective isolation of immune cells in blood. Lab on a Chip, 20(6), 1072-1082.

Shen X, Marcos, Fu HC. (2019). How the bending mechanics of setae modulate hydrodynamic sensing in copepods. Limnology and Oceanography, .

Koh JBY, Shen X, Marcos. (2018). Supervised Learning to Predict Sperm Sorting by Magnetophoresis. Magnetochemistry, 4, 31.

Tian Fook Kong, Xinhui Shen, Marcos and Chun Yang. (2017). Lab-on-chip microfluidic impedance measurement for laminar flow ratio sensing and differential conductivity difference detection. Applied Physics Letters, 110(23), 233501.