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The broad theme of Southeast Asian writing as an alternative theoretical locus to metropolitan discourse inspires my research and creative work

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Postcolonial Literature
British-Asian Literature
Singapore / Southeast Asian Literature

BA (Honours) First Class – University of East Anglia (UK) - 1989
Postgraduate Diploma in Education - Nanyang Technological University - 1992
PhD – University of Warwick (UK) - 2002
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Assoc Prof Sim Wai Chew
Associate Professor, School of Humanities

Singapore literature and culture, Postcolonial literature and theory, Sinophone studies, Comparative literature, and Southeast Asian studies
  • Singapore Comparative Literature Database (With Accompanying Workshop And Compendium)
  • Sim Wai Chew. (2019). Overlapping Scriptworlds: Chinese Literature as a Global Assemblage (accepted, editing completed, publication forthcoming). CLCWeb: Comparative Literature and Culture, .

  • Sim wai chew. (2018). Becoming Other: Literary Multilingualism in the Chinese Badlands (published online 2018) (print publication forthcoming). Textual Practice, .

  • Sim Wai Chew.(2017). Super-Diversity and its Implications in Two Singapore Texts. In Poon, Angelia and Angus Whitehead(Ed), Singapore Literature and Culture: Current Directions in Local and Global Contexts.(181-197). New York: Routledge.

  • Sim Wai Chew. (2014). Nietzschean Existentialism in the Work of Pei’ An Ying and Goh Poh Seng [Reprint of 2013 Book Chapter] [in Chinese]. Literatures in Chinese (华文文学), 125, 98-105.

  • Sim, Wai Chew. (2014). "Beyond the Color Line: Intersectional Considerations in Chuah Guat Eng's Fiction". Kritika Kultura, 23, 33-46.