Academic Profile

A/Prof Thirumaran Thanabalu is currently in the School of Biological Sciences which he joined in 2001. He received his BSc(Hon), MSc and Ph.D. degrees from the National University of Singapore. His research interest include Wiskott Aldrich Proteins, WASP, N-WASP and its interacting proteins. He worked as a Post-Doctoral Fellow at IMCB (Singapore), Dept. of Pathology (University of Cambridge), IMA (Singapore) before assuming his position at NTU.

PhD National University of Singapore 1992
MSc National University of Singapore 1990
BSc(Hons) National University of Singapore 1987
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Assoc Prof Thirumaran s/o Thanabalu
Associate Professor, School of Biological Sciences

The actin cytoskeleton plays an essential role in cell proliferation, migration and differentiation; cellular processes essential for embryogenesis, wound repair, angiogenesis and immune response. The Wiskott-Aldrich Syndrome protein (WASP) and its homologue N-WASP are key downstream components which link multiple signaling pathways to actin cytoskeleton remodeling. The founding member of the WASP family is implicated in the Wiskott Aldrich syndrome, an X-linked recessive disorder characterized by recurrent bacterial infection, eczema and immunodeficiency. WASP and N-WASP N-WASP regulate the actin cytoskeleton by modulating the activity of Arp2/3 complex.
  • Bioprinting of Porcine Satellite cells mixed with extracelular proteins and Alginate to generate 3D printed pork with meat like properties

  • Evaluation of N-WASP Inhibitors in Promoting Wound Healing

  • Role of Microbiota in Cancer resistance of N-WASP Knockout mice
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