Academic Profile

Dr. Xiao got his PhD degree from Dept. Computing, Hong Kong Polytechnic University, in Dec. 1998. He is now an associate professor in School of EEE, NTU. Before he joined NTU, he was a post-doctorial research fellow in Polytechnic University, Brooklyn, New York in 1999, and a visiting scientist in the University of Texas at Dallas (UTD) in 2000-01. Dr. Xiao has served as the principal investigator for a few research projects. He has helped to organize several successful international conferences in complex systems and communications areas. Dr. Xiao is a member of IEEE and a member of ICST.
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Assoc Prof Xiao Gaoxi
Associate Professor, School of Electrical & Electronic Engineering

* Complex Systems and Networks
* Optical and Wireless Networking
* Internet Technologies
* Network Security
  • Networked communities of agents: a new framework for studying dynamics of complex adaptive systems
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  • Dawei Zhao, Zhen Wang, Gaoxi Xiao, Bo Gao and Lianhai Wang. (2016). The Robustness of Interdependent Networks under the Interplay between Cascading Failures and Virus Propagation. Europhysics Letters, 115(5).

  • Ran Wang, Ping Wang, and Gaoxi Xiao. (2016). Two-stage Mechanism for Massive Electric Vehicle Charging Involving Renewable Energy. IEEE Transactions on Vehicular Technology , 65(6), 4159-4171.

  • Guoqi Li, Wuhua Hu, Gaoxi Xiao, Lei Deng, Jing Pei, and Luping Shi. (2016). Minimum cost control of Complex Networks. New Journal of Physics, 18, 013012.

  • Ruilong Deng, Gaoxi Xiao, Rongxing Lu, and Jiming Chen. (2015). Fast Distributed Demand Response With Spatially and Temporally Coupled Constraints in Smart Grid. IEEE Transactions on Industrial Informatics, 11(6), 1597-1606.