Academic Profile

Prof Yang Yaowen is currently a Professor in the School of Civil and Environmental Engineering (CEE), Nanyang Technological University (NTU), Singapore. He is one of the lead researchers in areas of structural and geotechnical monitoring and small energy harvesting. His research interests include structural health monitoring, aeroelastic and vibration energy harvesting, metamaterials, and uncertainty analysis in structural dynamics. Over the years, Prof Yang has received more than $8M research fund from funding agencies and industry, and published over 250 journal and conference papers. Prof Yang received his B.Eng and M.Eng from Shanghai Jiao Tong University and Ph.D from Nanyang Technological University. He serves as Associate Editor and Editorial Board member for multiple international journals and delivered keynote and invited lectures in many international conferences.
Prof Yang is the founder of Syswell Technology Pte Ltd, a system solution provider for geotechnical, structural and construction process monitoring and decision making based on his inventions. He is appointed as an iNTUitive Fellow for his innovative research and entrepreneurship.
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Prof Yang Yaowen
Associate Chair (Faculty), School of Civil and Environmental Engineering
Professor, School of Civil and Environmental Engineering

(a) Smart sensor technology for structural health and geotechnical monitoring;
(b) Energy harvesting using smart materials;
(c) Metamaterials for vibration control and energy harvesting;
(d) Uncertainty analysis and modeling for structural systems; and
(e) Evolutionary computation for optimization and inverse problem solving;
  • Automating the Process of Concrete Finishing

  • Energy harvesting for wireless sensing

  • Integrated BIM & Digital Twin: Efficient Operation & Maintenance Systems Development with Machine Learning Approach

  • Monitoring of tunnel liner performance during construction and operation in local ground conditions

  • Proof-Of-Concept, Proof-Of-Value And Test-Bedding In Smart Integrated Construction System (Phase 2)

  • Robotics for Construction 4.0

  • School Research Funding Support to Associate Chairs, Assistant Chairs and Prog Directors

  • Smart Bus Monitoring and Maintenance Inspection System
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