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Asst Prof Yeo Xiong Wei, Jonathan
Assistant Professor, School of Social Sciences
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Assistant Professor Jonathan Yeo joined the Division of Economics at Nanyang Technological University , Singapore in 2020. He obtained his PhD from the University of Warwick, UK in 2020.

His research focuses on topics in Behavioural and Experimental Economics, especially in relation to Sociology and Culture. He is particularly interested in how socio-psychological and economic factors interact to influence outcomes like inequality and efficiency. He primarily utilises controlled laboratory experiments with participants in order to test hypotheses about how people interact with others in different contexts.

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Currently he is focusing on two main research topics. The first is on social identity, in particular the process of social identity formation and their consequences. The second broadly relates to social/moral preferences and norms, in particular in how these influence economic outcomes in society and organisations.
  • An Examination of Frictions in Identity and Fairness in Society
  • Decision Making and the Socio-Economic Environment
  • Elucidating the mechanisms behind social identity formation and cooperation in society (EMBER)
  • How employees’ social class and their leaders influence innovative work behavior