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Assoc Prof Francesco Paolo Cavallaro
Associate Professor, School of Humanities
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Francesco Cavallaro is an Associate Professor in Linguistics and Multilingual Studies in the School of Humanities and Social Sciences. His Ph.D. in Sociolinguistics from Monash University looked into the maintenance of minority languages in Australia. He has worked at various Universities in Australia and he joined NTU in 2001. He has published in the fields of sociolinguistics, bilingualism, second language acquisition and in how technology can be integrated into the language classroom. His main research focus is the survival of minority languages and the factors that influence both language maintenance and shift.
Francesco Cavallaro is primarily a sociolinguist, but also conducts research in applied linguistics. His research interests are in sociolinguistics and the social aspects of bilingualism, especially of minority groups in multilingual contexts. He has published on language maintenance and shift, the demographics of the Italian community in Australia, language attitudes in Singapore and on the use of technology in the classroom. He is the author of the book 'Transgenerational language shift: From Sicilian and Italian to Australian English', published in 2010 by The Italian Australian Institute. La Trobe University, Melbourne, Australia. His current research direction involves exploring language attitudes, identity and language shift in multilingual contexts.
  • Home is where our languages live: Singapore and the role of families in maintaining our multilingual advantage